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Sarasota's BEST GLOW PARTY is every Friday & Saturday Night from 6:30-11pm! All ages are welcome! Play and Glow for 2 full hours or get the ultimate GLOW experience with our Full Session Glow pass! Glow shirts are required at all GLOW events. Get your GLOW ZONE shirt for $8; if you choose not to purchase a shirt please wear a neon colored shirt or any white t-shirt.
*an Activity Pass, GLOW attire, Sky Socks and a valid waiver are required for participation*
*This event contains flashing lights, which may not be suitable for photosensitive epiliepsy*
*No refunds are available should the park lights need to turn on for any reason*

***NEW*** ALL DAY ACTIVITY PASSES ARE AVAILABLE! Stay awhile or stay all day, it's up to you!

**ONLINE RESERVATIONS are only $1 Holds. Remaining Balance must be paid at time of Check-In**